Outlook PST wont open

I am using Outlook 7 and windows 7 and my outlook wont open - it wants me to run scanpst.exe
The outlook PST is large -> 5.8 gig. Yet I never received an error message. I understand I can change my registry max file setting or config outlook to open larger files. I am not sure this is the problem but i believe its too big. I made a copy of my PST file and moved it to My Docs and now I cant find the original PST.

Does anyone have a recommendation on recovering my pst
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  1. If you made a copy of the PST, why not just copy it back to it's original folder? Also, run scanpst as suggested. It will repair the PST file.
  2. Although the above is just an ad, it's somewhat true that the scanpst tool has issues when being used on files over 2 gig. You may want to do this: Copy the file you have. Run the scanpst utility on the copy, if it fixes it, good. If not, try something else to fix it.

    Try to keep your PST files smaller, odd that you managed to get that huge of a file unless you keep lots of attachments in your email, which is not a good idea for file storage. Save the files elsewhere.
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