No sound using ATI HD 5760 on XP

I just got the hd 5670 ati installed in my pc for Full hd usage, am running it on a full hd samsung LCD through HDMI cable and i changed the resolution on 1080P and working smoothly but the problem there is no sound when i play any video file

I thought the HDMI cable carry video and audio data, or should i need an audio cable for that ?
And does this graphic support audio in the first place?
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  1. All HD 5xxx supports sound via HDMI.

    Did you install the drivers from the CD that came with the card? Or did you download the latest driver?

    - Installing the drivers from the installation CD should install both video and audio drivers. At least it did for me; I have a Sapphire HD 5850 card.

    - If you downloaded the latest Catalyst Driver then it that's the root of your problem becuase Catalyst is for vidoe only. You need to separately download drivers to take advantage of the audio component of the video card.

    1. To download the audio driver click the following link:

    2. Click "ATI Radeon™ Video Card Drivers" to expand.

    3. Find "Optional Downloads", then click "Windows XP 32-bit"

    4. The screen will refresh with a list of drivers. You will need to download 1 or 2 drivers.

    4a. If you do not have SP3 installed in Win XP, then you will need to download "Microsoft UAA HDMI Audio Class Driver for English". Otherwise skip this.

    4b. Download "ATI HDMI Audio Driver"

    5. Install your download(s).
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