Ticket System/Help Desk Platform

I am looking for a database-driven ticket-system / help-desk platform (PHP?) that meets the following requirements:
-new ticket system requirements
-assign tickets to support personnel
-categorize tickets
-user database (support personnel)
-equipment/parts database
-customer database
-customer equipment?
-calendar where tickets are displayed (Microsoft office outlook calendar style)
-possibly tie in with QuickBooks?

I am currently using OS Ticket/Quickbooks/Office Outlook, but it would be awesome if there was something (preferably free) that integrates these all, or at least connects them, and can be hosted online.

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  1. anybody?
  2. What's your budget like for this? Programs like Remedy will work to do what you want but it costs a lot to get them setup for your business. Just do a web search for helpdesk software, you'll get a lot of options.
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