Do I really need to run 1:1 ?

Ok. I have a G6700 running @ 3.2 ghz (320*10) at 4gb Patriot Extreme DDR2-800 @ 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2v running stable. Now, is it necessary for me to run 1:1 moving my FSB to 400 and the multiplier to 8 or is the performance increase negligible and not worth it? Also, if I do move the FSB to 400 will I have to increase the voltage or because its still going to running at 3.2 ghz the current voltage should work? Thanks in advance for helping a noob.

My specs:

Corsair 600w PSU
Vista Ultimate x64
2x400gb Seagate HDD
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  1. I think on the p35s you can set the System memory multiplier to 2.0 and that will run your ram at what, 640. Then you can try and lower the timings on your ram, I have been playing around with the timings on my system and it really doesn't seem to make a huge difference either way (except when I get too aggresive and my computer crashes).

    But yeah, I suppose you could run the multi at 2.5 and stick with the 4:5 ratio too. I guess since I have been dealing with kinda the same thing, are there any links that prove the intel 1:1 performance advantage that I keep reading about?
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