Cooling system for Antec p182 case

I'm looking for some suggestions on a cooling system for a new build out...Case, as mentioned, is the p182, I'm using an ASUS P5k-E board, and Intel e6750. I really just want to go with a fan + h/s combo, but everything that looks to be decent also looks to be too big for my case. Anyone with some experience with the Antec case have a suggestion for a good set up on an o/c'ed rig?

Also, looking for some options on chipset cooling methods.
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  1. Thermalright ultra 120 extreme is as good as it gets with air cooling and i have it in my p182 with two yate loons, so you should be fine. I would also replace the stock fans with something a little more decent such as
  2. Thanks lx, I actually was really anxious to get my last component, so I went with the Zalman 9700:

    Hopefully it fits in the case!
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