Worth upgrading P4 3.2 to Core 2 Duo E4500?

Is it worth upgrading a P4 3.2 to a Core 2 Duo E4500? With new games coming out that are optimized for Core 2 cpu's, will I see a significant gain in performance? My motherboard only has a 800 FSB so it looks like my only options for a C2D are either the E4400 or E4500.
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  1. I think it would provide a decent performance boost, but make sure your MB supports the E4X00 CPU.
  2. i think its all worth it, but are you going to overclock it? e4400 or e4500 are easy to oc
  3. Some older 775 Motherboards will physically fit a C2D , but the Motherboards chipset may not be compatible with Core 2 Duo. It's worth checking that your Motherboard supports Core2Duo before you proceed.
    A Core2Duo would be faster than your current CPU and it's dual core too :)
  4. I checked my motherboard spec sheet and it does support C2D, so I should be all set on that front. As for overclocking, I haven't OCed a cpu yet. I've read that the E4x00 series is easy to do so I will probably give it a try.
  5. P4 is not a 2 core processor, while E4500 is a 2 core processor, so is better than a P4. so go for it
  6. I just recently gave my little brother a new intel, e4.... i dono off hand. But It was a low, low one. And he had the p4 3.2 oced to 3.6 and there was a huge difference.

    Dont think about it, get it!
  7. It is certainly worth upgrading. You would probably get 3x the performance of your current CPU. Just update the BIOS before upgrading the CPU and then the motherboard should recognize it.
  8. e4300 is the slowest exxx cpu, and that is definitely much better than a p4 single core.
  9. Pluse, you can oc these like a SOB.
  10. Is there a good guide around for updating your BIOS and installing the cpu?
  11. The C2D is a quantum leap higher.
    I'll personally rather have a e6600 or wait for the Yorkfield.
    Yes, make sure your motherboard can use these CPUs. Able to fit does not mean it's able to run.
  12. i think so?
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