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Can anyone help me. A friend gave me a computer that belonged to her son who is now deceased. It was password protected and will not allow access (vista).
It is a Acer 5570Z. There is no cds or any manuals or paperwork. I thought maybe I could do a factory restore but cant seem to locate it..I was able to get into bios but did not see anything pertaining to a factory reset..any suggestions??? My knowledge is very limited on the workings of the inside of a puter. My own computer I have restored to factory specs several times in the past..but I can't seem to do it with this one..any help anyone?
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  1. Any pc tech should be able to help you..
  2. Thank you for all son took the computer home with him and on his third attempt was able to guess the lost was " user"...and we have since disabled the password function and the computer works fine. The Geek Squad was going to charge me $139 plus the cost of a new start up I totally lucked out this time...thanks
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