Lan Hardware failure?

I got a new mobo and after installing all the drivers in a fresh OS, I still can get the dual lan working right...
The lights are lighting up in the booting sequence but when I get in the OS, the second network adapter is unavailable (non-existing, to be precise).

I checked out my cables (switched them, plug another, etc).
In the BIOS menu, the second lan adapter seems to be recognised but says that is open (as he doesn't have a cable connected in it), also I checked out the settings for the lan and the all look correct.
The gateway doesn't see the cable connection either, even when you switch the cables...

Anyone comes up with an idea?
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  1. Anything in the device manager that might indicate a driver issue?

    I assume you have dual integrated NIC's?
  2. No indication at all...
    The driver seems to be correct (shows the name of the adapter), even the network of the nvidia panel show them but it says that the device is unknown (the lan ones, only in the nvidia panel).
    The drivers are the officials and not beta.

    Yes, this is a dual integrated NIC.
    I tried almost anything but if have a suggestion.
  3. Did you look at the lights in the port on the board? Do you get a green light (solid) when a cable is plugged in? blinking amber is for activity.

    If not for either one its possible to have a defective board.
    In device manager you should see the NIC listed. if you dont even see it there listed then could be the mobo.

    If you do see it in the device manager but are having problems getting the drivers to work. contact the makers of the board for additional support.

    which OS are you using? and they are the correct drivers for that os?
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