Hi everyone.

I have a new computer (winxp). When I connect the hardisk 3.5'' to the winxp by connecting USB, it just make all other USB PORT to be dead (for example the USB Mouse) to be not functioning or not stable.

Is it the Power plug connecting 3.5 Hardisk make it not stable when connecting to the computer? (since 3.5 hardisk require AC POWER SOURCE)
Also, the data cannot be transferred from my computer to the hardisk 3.5'' easily? it just goes ERROR easily??

When using 2.5'' hardisk, it goes PERFECT. WHY?
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  1. Seems like there is a problem with your 3.5" hard disk that's causing your USB ports to stop functioning properly. Did you build it yourself or did you buy it like that?
  2. My first guess is that there is an electrical problem with your 3.5" hard drive. I would start by checking to see if it works on another computer first. If it causes similar issues, you then have to determine the value of the data on the drive. If it is worth $300 or more, I recommend getting it assessed by a data recovery lab...evaluations are usually free.
  3. Is the external drive powered by the usb line or by an external power supply? Sounds like your either shorting out or over powering the 5 volt usb line.
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