Best $50 AGP Video Card.

Just thought I would share this. I was originally looking for a cheap video card for a HTPC in the $50 range for the old AGP bus and came across this 6800XE.

Installed it, worked fine, no probs. My old 6800GT in my sisters comp blew, so I had no choice to replace it with this card. I installed RivaTuner to see if I could fiddle around with it a little bit, and VOILA! I discovered this little guy has alot more potential than I thought. I was able to unlock ALL 16 pixel pipes, and 4 of 5 vertex pipes. I then took this bad boy up to 330/620, (from 275/580). There are some negative reviews of this card on Newegg, but I have since purchased 2 more, 1 for the original HTPC, and 1 more for more for my nieces PC and was able to do the exact same on all of them. Running solid for 2 months now with no problems. Plays WOW at max settings with FPS never dropping below 33. I did however jimmy-rig a fan to sit underneath the card to help with some more GPU and RAM cooling.

The only drawback I have discovered with this card is no temp readings. But we've had 24 hour game sessions and I have yet to see any artifacts. So for those of you on a tight budget who still have old AGP buses, take a look at this little guy.
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  1. Not bad seeing you got lucky with that card, but dont expect everyone to be able to do the samething, you just happened to hit the pot.
  2. I think biostar video cards are better than sparkle cards or inno3d (ordinary ones).

    But biostar much better if replaced with non stock vga coolant.
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