About to make a move on this upgrade. A look over plz!

Okay so I have been researching almost non-stop on the best possible hardware to go for in my price range. The purpose of this upgrade is to ready my system for Crysis and other future dx10 games. I would also like it to last a good while cause overall this is a hefty amount of money for me...

Here is what I have settled on, however I have not ordered yet.

Intel Q6600 G0 stepping

OCZ 2GB Reaper 1066mhz

Asus P5K - Deluxe

So hows it look? Is there anything there that I should avoid? I want to OC so it's important everything works well together.

Is the OCZ Reaper ram I selected alright or would the Corsair Dominator be a better choice?

And the motherboard (P5K Deluxe) does not support ddr3. Would that be an issue in the future? I see the more expensive version (P5K3 - Deluxe) has ddr3 support so would I be better off with that?

I want to slam the hammer on this very soon as I have spent too much time debating on what to get and going back and forth in my decisions! You wouldnt believe how frustrating this is for me :( I want so badly to make the right choice.

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  2. Sorry there's something wierd going on with the links.

    I just can't use links so I just typed them out.
  3. What video card?

    What PSU?

    Assuming you're going to overclock (must be, else you would have chosen DDR2-800 RAM), you probably want a good CPU cooler too.
  4. Check my sig. I plan on using most of the parts in my current rig (incl. gfx card and PSU). I am just upgrading the motherboard, cpu and memory.

    Yes I do plan on overclocking. I already have a Tuniq Tower cpu cooler so I assume thats sufficiant for cooling a Quad?
  5. if this comp is going to be built for teh gaming aspect not spreadsheeting, i would highly recommend ditching the quad core and stepping down to the 6600 or the 6750 due to the fact that there is no game on earth that uses four threads... you can clock the 6750 to do exactly as much work as the quad core does stock, safely, with a fifty dollar heatsink... i find it funny that everybody are just buying quad core gaming mb's/cpu's...
  6. Yeah I am aware of the fact that Quad Cores are not much compared to the Duals for gaming at the moment, but I want this upgrade to last me as long as it possibly can. I know for sure that games will start supporting more cores in the future and one of these games is only a few months away (Crysis) so I would feel better going for the Quad. And my gfx card is not that great so I will need some extra CPU power to make up for it in a game like that.
  7. Ditch that POS ASUS mobo, you'll end up paying $200-235 for a mobo that is simply not worth it. If you want a P35 mobo with DDR2 support only then go for the GA-P35-DS3R, if you want DDR2 and DDR3 support, then get the GA-P35C-DS3R. Those two are the undisputed champions in the single GPU mobo league.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that motherboard but I am used to using Asus boards. May be time to change though...

    What do you think of the OCZ Reaper ram I am considering? Is that a good choice?
  9. In all honesty, I'd go with either Corsair XMS2 or Crucial Ballistix for high performing ram only because of personal preference, but I don't think that OCZ is bad.
  10. How are the Crucial Ballistix for cooling? I have heard that they havent got very advanced heatspreaders. Thats the only bad thing I have heard about them though, but still it might be enough to affect my overclocking potential.
  11. Umm... ram doesn't get all that hot you know...
  12. rHy0 said:
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that motherboard but I am used to using Asus boards. May be time to change though...

    What do you think of the OCZ Reaper ram I am considering? Is that a good choice?

    I can tell you it's compatible with the GA-P35-DS3R and the combination overclocks well, because they were used together in some review I read last month. Sorry no idea where I got the review, no link...
  13. Okay well I'm going for 2GB Crucial Ballistix then. Thanks for suggesting.

    I will be sticking with an Asus board though cause I'm just simply too used to them. I am going for the more advanced version of the P5K though, the P5K3 - Deluxe. This one also has support for ddr3 aswell as the 45nm compatibility so it's definately something that will last me a good length of time.

    So the parts I will be ordering as of now are:

    Asus P5K3 - Deluxe
    Crucial Ballistix 2GB 1066mhz (i'm glad i'm choosing this ram)

    Thanks guys.
  14. One second please. You picked a DDR3 motherboard. Is that Crucial Ballistix you picked DDR3 or DDR2? If it's DDR2, it won't work. If it's DDR3, it's overpriced.

    I'd stick with the P5K Deluxe (not P5K3) and DDR2.
  15. Oh but I thought the board also supports ddr2?

    If thats true and it doesnt then yeah I guess I'll go for the standard P5K then.
  16. Check out the P5KC if you want dual support.

    Or you can get the GA-P35C-DS3R like I did.
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