Decisions: Gigabyte LGA775 Motherboards

I was wondering what were the differences of these two boards and which one would you pick? Or another board for the LGA775.
Also, since I am going to be buying parts soon, is there anything new coming out that will drop prices or be even better?(cpu wise also) Thanks
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  1. The first uses the latest Intel P35 chipset, while the second uses an older chipset.
    There are always new things coming out that will drop prices.
  2. the new x38 intel chipset will be coming out from several manufacturers at varying times in september, it has yet to be seen whether it will be as good as the p35, but it will support pci-e 2.0 as well as crossfire at true x16/x16 speeds, so if youre looking at a crossfire set up, i suggest you look into the x38 chipset.
  3. Hold out a couple more weeks, these bad boys should be coming out around the 9th of Sept.
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