Finally, I got it!

I've been tweaking and seeing different options for overclocking my processor and finally I have got it stable at

Should I change anything on idle right now the temperature using Coretemp is very low 30's about 31-34 degrees celcius? How is my config??
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  1. my bad let me retort

    So anything else I should do to ensure everything is cool and not getting damaged? Everything seams to be alright been playing games and everything all day no problems.
  2. is that good what should i change alittle?
  3. If it ain't broken, OVERCLOCK it higher! ;)

    3.7-3.9 is doable on air. cpuz isn't very accurate. As you can tell by the vcore. As long as your bios is set up right, don't worry about it.

    Reason nobody commented in here is they're still trying to get it? ;) Look up your ram specs & set it up in bios.
  4. lol nah im good im not trying to break my cpu lmao i just want it running stabily, I have 2 1DIMM 1gb memory sticks, @800mhz ea.
  5. i got it that high and i think stop for now heh
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