Which chipset should I go for?Which mobo for these parts?

This is going to be my new gaming rig:

8800GTS or 2900XT
2Gb Crucial Ballistix 800mhz 4 4 4 12
Corsair 620W PSU
Thermaltake Armor LCS with watercooling kit.

What chipset should I get?Ive heard that the 680i are for SLI,which Im not interested.I have been told to go for Itel's P35.I also want to Overclock.Which mobo do you recommend?My budget is $150-180.
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  1. GIGABYTE P35 DS3R and ASUS P5K-E (if u want only DDR2)
    GIGABYTE P35C DS3R and ASUS P5KC (if u want both DDR2 and DDR3) ,

    the first choices will OC better
  2. i would go for the Gigabyte P35 DS3R
  3. I never had any experience with Gigabyte boards,are they really good?Any other recommendations?
  4. Well the advantage to that gigabyte board is 8 sata ports not the 6 most boards have(DFI is an exception but out of budget too).

    They give you the bracket to send 2 of those as e-sata ports for those who want it.

    There is not wifi or firewire(was not a concern for me).

    Last off P35(from any company) chips are made for FSB 1333 so even a 1066 cpu will run at this speed with little to no voltage increase(3.0 easy you can get more if you want it, 400 seems easy as well[wont keep that in air in a 30c room]. i would not go farther then that with a 9x multi.).

    For Alternatives you can look at the
    ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP - http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=25851&vpn=P5K-E%2FWIFI-AP&manufacture=ASUS&promoid=1078
    or plain
    ASUS P5k - http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=24495&vpn=P5K&manufacture=ASUS&promoid=1078

    I have not used either of those boards. but they are in the right price range.
  5. i have used P5K-E and i love it :D
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