Setting up RAID 1. Will I lose my data?

I just got my 2nd 320gb drive and now I want to set up my RAID 1. Here is my config:

Gigabyte p965p-DS3 (f12)
Win XP
1x74GB Raptor (contains OS, some programs. NO DATA).
2x320 WD (for data and programs)

Currently I have the OS on the raptor. Prior to my 2nd 320gb, I had data (pics/mp3s) and programs on the 320. I now have a 2nd 320 which is formated and ready to go.

If I initiate the RAID process for the 2 320s, will I lose the data on one that currently has the data on it? Do I have to copy the data from one drive to the other so that they start out identical before I initiate the RAID? I am planning on setting up the RAID on the Mobo's 2 SATA ports controlled by Gigabyte. I believe the other 4 are controlled by Intel ICH8 which does not support RAID, correct? FYI I want to leave the raptor out of the RAID. Any help would be much appreciated. I just don't want to lose the 100+gb of pics and music I have in while setting up the extra protection...wouldn't that be ironic? LOL

Thanks in advance.
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  1. In theory, the creation of a RAID 1 (mirror) should not lose any data. But, that would really depend on the controller and I don't see any point in risking it. I suggest backing up the data to another drive, test & verify that the data is in deed backed up, then proceed with creating the RAID 1 array.
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