X1950 Pro on 1.5v AGP slot?


I'm looking to buy a Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro next week, by coincidence I was just looking over my mobo's specs when I realized it "only" support 1.5v on the AGP slot.

I tried to find some info to determine if it would work with the Sapphire, but the only way I was able to determine this was by looking at this image (scroll down a bit) and comparing it with this close up of the sapphire, seems to me that the sapphire requires .8v.. bad luck :(

Please prove me wrong!... my mobo specs can be found here

Also, on this close up the sapphire shows two DVI connectors, I use an old 19" CRT monitor, will there be some sort of adapter for my monitor included in the box?
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  1. Never mind.. I figured it out.. for anyone else who may stumble across this problem in the future I can inform you that what is "often" or in my case at least, meant by 1.5v is that it is the max voltage the AGP port can use for signaling, and since most modern AGP cards use only 0.8v there is in fact no problem at all.. more info can be obtained here.

    Great example of "over speculation"... :S
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