What is the best Wireless G adapter (PCI or USB... whichever is better

I have a cheap ass wireless adapter that's dropping connections and I want a very good (range wise, and connection stability wise) replacement wireless adapter. Also if it has a external antenna that would be fine.

What are your recommendations?

Thanks for your input :)
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  1. I use a cheap-ass wireless adapter and a Netgear wireless adapter with external antenna -- both are PCI and both work rather better than any of my USB wireless adapters (also Netgear and cheapo).

    For laptops I have found PCMCIA better than USB though I could see that using a USB extension cable could be easier than turning the whole laptop to improve reception with PCMCIA.

    If you want seriously better reception you need to change both router and adapter to more expensive Rangemax types.
  2. Thanks,
    Any specific recommendations from newegg or amazon?
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