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I finally got cable this weekend and have been attempting to set up my Hauppauge WinTV 1600 to record using BeyondTV. My problem is that I can see all of the channels in the channel line up but when I set it to record, it records whatever channel am currently watching. Also, I have not been able to change channels within the program; it stays on the channel my box is set to no matter what.

Should I go straight from the cable to the PVR and not go through the box? DId I miss something in the set up? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like you don't have an IR Blaster. You'll need one of these if you want to have Beyond TV control your cable box (eg. change channels, record specific channels, etc.)

    This should explain it better here:

    IR Blaster

    As for how the connection should be done, it should go Cable TV cable to box and then another cable from the box to your WinTV 1600.
  2. Thanks. I have the IR remote blaster that came with my tuner card. Are you saying that I need to buy that IR Blaster as well? Keep in mind, I am not interested in using the remote that came with the tuner.

    Is there any way to avoid having to buy one of those? Like hooking the sound/video up through something other than coax? What if I try using a different program (Windows MCE or sageTV)?

    Sorry for all of the questions, I am new to this and thought I just needed the card. Thanks again
  3. Did you buy your WinTV HVR-1600 retail or OEM?
  4. There should be a little transmitter that you place(or tape) near or over the cable box's ir receiver. then you have to tell the software what kind of box you have.

    its the little black thing in the middle and it plugs into the card
  5. Judging by your second post it doesn't seem as if you'll need to buy that IR Blaster. It sounds like you already have what you'll need. You should have an IR Remote Blaster cable which will have three parts to it (see pic in above post). One part that will plug into the card itself, a large dangly thing (this is the receiver for the included remote), and a small dangly thing (this is the IR Blaster).

    Just go here for the appropriate installation software and instructions:

    IR Blaster software and instructions

    NOTE: Read the PDF instructions thoroughly.

    And no you don't have to use the included remote if you don't want to. On the other hand, if your computer is on one side of the room and you're watching from the other, getting up repeatedly to change channels could get annoying. Your choice of course. :-)
  6. I plugged the Blaster into the card and placed the transmitter on the cable box (I couldn't find the IR transmitter on the box). I can't seem to fid whether my cable box (Motorola DCT6200) is supported with this blaster, but it is recognized in Beyond tv. Should this finally work (I am going to be attempting to retune the channels now). Thanks for the help.
  7. Ok new problem. When I attempt to configure the IR blaster it says "Could not find IR hardware". It is definitely plugged into the card. Any suggestions?
  8. Question, did you run the IR Blaster setup programme? According to the instructions, the card needs to be installed into the computer and all the software (drivers, WinTV software and IR Blaster setup programme) needs to be run before plugging the IR Blaster into the HVR-1600.

    If you've already run the IR Blaster setup software, try running it again with the IR Blaster unplugged then when it's done plug the IR Blaster back into the HVR-1600, make sure it's solidly connected. Then try to configure it.
  9. I ran the setup program before plugging it in. I am wondering if the connection isnt good for some reason. I'm considering going witha Tivo or DVR from my Cable provider at this point.
  10. That's actually not a bad idea. If all you really want is a PVR so you can record things while you're at work or out for whatever reason so you don't miss them, then something like TiVo or a DVR from your cable provider will be much easier to use in the end.

    Then, if there's a particular show you want to see again later on, you can hook your PVR device (from TiVo or some other provider) or a regular cable box up to the HVR-1600. Then you can record shows onto your comp and archive them for your own enjoyment ala the old VCR days. This way you don't have to worry about your PVR filling up with programmes and running out of space, especially if there's a LOT of things you want to archive.

    It's all a matter of whether you want a standalone PVR or you want your computer to act like a PVR,

    But if you find that you want the computer to act as the PVR, you'll probably need to contact the appropriate Hauppauge tech support in order to get their IR Blaster working since I'm about tapped out for ideas.
  11. Haha. Well I certainly appreciate the effort. Thanks for the help guys. If I get it working I'll update this thread.
  12. I just realized something, but are you using BeyondTV as your TV application or are you using the WinTV2000 that came with your HVR-1600?

    I just had one of my 'What the Hell Was I Thinking?' moments and I now believe I know why we couldn't get the IR Blaster that came with your HVR-1600 to work in BeyondTV (assuming that's wahat you're using of course).
  13. I have both installed on my system, but I was trying to use BeyondTV (with the HVR-1600). To restate the problem, I didn't use the IR blaster at all and was able to get Beyond TV to recognize the cable feed, but I could only view and record the channel that my cable box was set to. I attempted to use the IR blaster by plugging it in and downloading/running the setup program. After that, when I attempted to configure it, I received the "No IR hardware" message.
  14. Two questions. Depending on how you answer them I'm about 99% certain I know what's wrong. I say 99% because there's always that 1% chance that something way out there that no one's ever seen is going on.

    1) When you ran the IR Blaster setup programme from the Hauppauge site, did you get any error messages like xxxx.dll is missing?

    2) When you tried to configure it, did you do it through the utility in the Hauppauge WinTV programme folder in the start menu or did you try and do it through BeyondTV?
  15. 1. No. I click the config icon and it pops up with that message "no IR hardware" then goes to the config program and doesn't let me do anything.

    2. I never tried to do anything in BeyondTV with the IR blaster. In fact I selescted null tuner for the IR setup in BeyondTV. When I tried to select the Hauppuage IR, it told me to configure it and that's when I started to get the error.
  16. 1) Either the connection between IR Blaster cable and HVR-1600 is wonky no matter how solidly you seat it or the cable itself is somehow defective (eg. a crimp in the IR Blaster portion of the cable) which is keeping the IR Blaster from being recognized. Just out of curiosity, did you try and see if the included remote control works? Just to see if the IR Blaster cable can connect to your card correctly.

    2) If I had to put some money down, my bet would be on BeyondTV not recognizing the IR Blaster that come with your new card because the included IR Blaster was never meant to work with BeyondTV. WinTV2000 yes, BeyondTV 4.6 no. I may be wrong but I don't think so.

    The only thing I have left to advise, if you really want to use your comp as a PVR, is to get the IR Blaster listed on the SnapStream site. Mostly because I don't believe that they would sell a product that wouldn't work with their software.

    Also there are a couple of other reasons. It would probably be cheaper than going with a PVR from Tivo or your cable provider.

    If someone asked me about getting a PVR from my cable provider:

    1) There's a monthly PVR service fee of $2.
    2) I can either rent the PVR from the provider at $20/month ($24.95/month for an HD PVR) or buy it out right for $400 ($599 for the HD version).

    All told, you're looking at $22 to $26.95 a month if you rent, or a cash outlay of $400 to $599 if you buy the unit. Not too good if you ask me.

    If the PVR situation with your provider is anything similar, the costs really begin to add up after a few months. Even if you go TiVo, you're still paying an ongoing fee.

    Now, if you were to buy the IR Blaster on the SnapStream website:

    1) you gotta figure $64.95 + shipping, just over $70 for a one time cash outlay is infinitely cheaper than paying some monthly fee
    2) if you ever need more space for your PVR recordings, it's just a matter of slapping in another HD into your comp; with something like a TiVo, do-able but not as easy
    3) because you have the HVR-1600, you can record both regular TV and over-the-air HDTV signals
    4) this is more of a bonus than anything but there are a crap load of add-ons and skins for BeyondTV so you can adjust it to your desire

    So that's what I have to say. Mostly because short of contacting Hauppauge Tech Support, I'm tapped out for ideas at this point.
  17. Ok. I plan to wipe my drivers for this and uninstall the programs etc. Essentially, I am planning to start all over and go through the written instructions (which I thought I did last time). Anyway, I wanted to know, what is the point of the IR blaster? I am plugging it into the computer and placing the IR receiver near the cable box. So, is the IR receiver actually (if I can get it working) receiving IR signal from the cable box allowing me to control the box? If not, what is the point of the IR Blaster? Thank you.
  18. It's all about control, either automatic or manual. Three possible ways of hooking your cable up to your computer and either using or not using the IR Blaster:

    1) You hook your new Cable TV service up directly to your computer, bypassing the cable box. No IR Blaster.

    BeyondTV can automatically change channels and record them. But if you want to watch any of the digital stations, you're out of luck. I don't know how it is with you but with me, I need a cable box if I want to watch any channel that's above 70 or so. National Geographic, Animal Planet, The Military Channel, TechTV, things like that. This is especially true if I want to watch a pay-per-view movie/show or Video-On-Demand.

    2) You hook your new Cable TV service up to the cable box and then run another cable (coaxial or s-video) out to your HVR-1600. No IR Blaster.

    Beyond TV cannot automatically change channels and will only display/record whatever station the cable box is set to at the time. If your needs are simple then this is okay if the stuff you want to record normally resides on a single channel. It gets complicated if you want to record shows on different stations since you've then gotta manually change the channel before a new recording starts.

    3) You hook your new Cable TV service up to the cable box and then run another cable (coaxial or s-video) out to your HVR-1600. Yes, IR Blaster.

    Say you have two different programmes on two different channels at two different times that you want to record. Using the IR Blaster, BeyondTV will automatically change to the first channel and record the first programme. Then when it's time, using the IR Blaster, BeyondTV will automatically change to the second channel and record that second programme. All without you having to manually change channels.

    If scenario #3 sounds like what you'd want, then this is why you want to use the IR Blaster. Unless you're willing to stand there and manually change the channel on the cable box every time a programme you want to record comes on, then BeyondTV needs to be able to change the channel on it's own. When it needs to change the channel, BeyondTV will transmit a signal out through the small nubby end of the IR Blaster cable which you've attached over the IR receiver of your cable box, thereby changing the channel on said box. A very good thing if you set up multiple recording schedules and you're not going to be at home. BeyondTV will use the IR Blaster to record what you want when you want.

    I hope this helps.

    On a side note here, if you don't mind my asking, why don't you want to use the remote that came with your HVR-1600? If you want to use BeyondTV features like programme guide or commercial skip and not have to be sitting at your computer (say you're on a couch on the other side of the room), then you'll need a compatible remote. I'm just curious.
  19. Wow, I get it now, I was really confused about the IR blaster. I didn't realize that it actually transmits the signal to change the channel for me. In that case, is it possible to use the third scenario to record one thing while watching something else?

    I may use the remote eventually, I was just trying to get everything set up first.

    So, since it says "No IR hardware detected" that wouldn't have to do with the transmitter (unless by some freak occurance the qire is broken out of the box). It almost has to be the physical plug (if it isn't software related). One problem I have is that the IR input plug on the card is nearly obscured by the metal from my case. It looks and feels as the IR blaster is fully inserted, but this may not be the case.

    Anyway, like I said, when I get home tonite I am going to wipe out all of the software, and just follow the instructions step by step for the card with WinTV and then attempt to get the IR blaster working. If that doesn't work, I may just give up and return the card and purchase a new card when I build a new PC in a few months. Thanks for all the help.
  20. Yes, you can watch one thing while BeyondTV records something else but there are a few of catches depending on your usage:

    1) If you want to watch a previously recorded programme while BeyondTV is recording a live show, then you're good to go as is.

    2) If you want to do anything like record something on Animal Planet while watching something on Discovery Channel (all at the same time), then you'll need a 2nd TV card and a 2nd cable box. This is a scenario where increased costs come into play. Especially since your cable box is only cable of sending a single signal to your comp at any one time.

    You can avoid needing a 2nd cable box if you don't mind one recording being from an analogue signal (ie. a direct feed of the Cable signal straight into your computer). But you would still need a 2nd TV card.

    You can get around needing the 2nd card and 2nd box if you want to record a normal station and an over-the-air HD signal. This is taken straight from the Hauppauge HVR-1600 FAQ.

    It can be a little confusing depending on things like what you want to record and when you want to record it or whether or not you want to watch one live show while recording another live show. But if all you want is something like what's in scenario #1, then all is good.

    As for the "No IR hardware detected" problem, either the transmitter was broken out of the box, the connection between transmitter and card is wonky, or there's some unforseen software problem, or some combination of the three. Or it could be something as simple as the transmitter not being completely plugged in. Like you're saying, the IR socket on the card is nearly obscured. You may have to do a fair bit of jiggling around of both the card's bracket and the transmitter plug to make double-dog sure it's solidly seated. Maybe give this a try before doing any software uninstall. Because if it's as simple as a hinky connection, solving things could be as simple as getting jiggly.

    If it does work, after some more reading I'm starting to think that the IR Blaster will work with BeyondTV. You'd just have to make sure it's configured and that you've selected it in BeyondTV.

    Let me know how it goes. Good luck.
  21. I'll let you know what the final outcome is, but I just wanted to say there is hope! I plugged in the Hauppauge remote and it works. Therefore, the IR blaster is at least plugged in correctly. I am currently going through the set up procedure for the IR BLaster and will follow through with the BeyondTV setup. Here is hoping.
  22. fingers crossed
  23. Success!!!! I did not properly set up the IR Blaster the first time and it must have defaulted to some error. Now that I have reinstalled everything, I can change channels within the beyondtv program and on the Hauppauge remote!

    Now I just have to figure out whether or not I need to leave the cable box on to record things when I'm not here. I have a quetion about this. Is there an option within BeyondTv for this? Can I leave the box off and have it turn on for the recording then turn off after? I noticed an option to have the IR Blaster turn on the box in the WINTV settings, but didn't know whether the option would carry over to BeyondTV.

    Some notes for posterity (read: anyone crazy enough to read all of this):

    The IR blaster from Hauppauge must be VERY close to the remote sensor on the cable box.

    Hauppauges card is poorly designed and the IR port is high (might be close to obsured by the metal of your case), but I was still able to plug in the IR Blaster.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me as I think I know what I'm doing now (keyword: think).

    Thanks for your help everyone that responded.
  24. Glad to be of service. Cheers!
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