External HD very slow after reinstall of xp

I recently bought a new hd and reinstalled xp sp2. I have an external USB2 500 hd--wd My Book-- which is used as a closet, pure storage with no applications installed on it. It is mostly music,sound effects files and finished video projects.
It currently has 178 gig free.

When I used to access the drive via windows explorer with my old hd it took about 20 seconds or so to get into this one particular folder which holds the finished video files.
Now it takes 87 seconds to get into that same folder. This folder contains 209 gigs of stuff.
Something I probably tweaked a while ago let me access this folder much quicker before my reinstall.

I have enabled dma, disabled indexing and enabled write caching.
Any ideas as to how to speed up access to my files on this drive?
P4, xp sp2, two gig of ram.
thanks in advance.
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  1. Use the firewire or e-sata port if it has one.
  2. thanks.
    It is only usb.
  3. Run AusLogic diskdefrag.
  4. when you formatted, did you install chipset drivers? You may be running on USB 1.1 which is slower than 2.0.
  5. thanks for both ideas.
    I am currently running the AusLogic diskdefrag and will go to Intel's site to research the chipset drivers.
  6. Make sure the USB settings in your BIOS are correct.
  7. I checked the bios settings and saw that:
    USB function is enabled
    High Speed USB is enabled
    Legacy USB support is enabled
    UsB 2 Legacy support is enabled
    The USB 2 area has 2 choices--Hi-speed of 480Mbps or Full Speed of 12Mbps.
    The 480 is enabled.

    I then defragged with the above mentioned application.

    With great hesitation while holding my breath and praying to all Gods I ran the latest Intel Chipset Driver Update utility for my mobo.

    What used to take 84 seconds now takes 22 seconds! Yay!

    I thank you all as my gratitude speaks.
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