Upgraded from 3700 single core to 4200 Dual Core Prob

I had an AMD 3700+ Single-Core and upgraded to a 4200+ Dual-Core.

I'm running Windows VISTA Ultimate Ed. 32bit. My performance score went from 4.2 to 4.1

Also, I took a fps hit! The newer cpu is SLOWER! In GRAW2, I went from 24fps to 4fps. A 20fps LOSS!


ASUS A8N-Sli Deluxe (nforce 15.0)
2x 7600GT video (nforce 162.50)
2GB ram
AMD 4200+ dual-core
500w PS
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  1. See below
  2. Go to the AMD site and download the dual core optimizer ? http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_13118,00.html Also, what speeds does the 4200 run at? IIRC its the same speed, or 2.2, which means youll see lil performance increases, if any, in gaming
  3. did you reinstall your OS when you put the new cpu in? Im not 100% sure of it on vista, but i dont think xp will detect a second core if you drop it in without reinstalling. like i said, i dunno if vista will or not.
  4. You don't need to re-install the OS to go from a single to a dual-core processor, in XP or Vista either one. Either will detect the dual core CPU when you drop it in. The CPU you upgraded to is the exact same speed as the one you replaced. You won't see any frame rate increase's. You should however expect to see "smoother" frame rates without as big of dips and peaks. The second processor core, if it is correctly installed will handle background tasks better, leaving more processor power to run the game. Check to make sure you have 2 cpu charts in your task manager. Run the AMD dual core patch.
  5. @jitpublisher: the system may detect the dual-core CPU. Trouble is, the 'driver' to load here isn't a simple driver, it's the whole NT kernel compiled for Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP)! Check that in the Device manager, 'Computer' is set on 'SMP Multiprocessor' or 'ACPI SMP' or something. Switch to one you think is good, and reboot.
  6. I ran the AMD Dula-Core optimizer. No change.

    I did go into Task Manager and saw only the graph for ONE proc.

    How do I go about setting the device manager to SMP Multiproc or ACPI SMP?

    Right now it's at 'ACPI (PC)'.
  7. With Vista you don't need the dual core optimizer. It's built into it. Ignore the Vista performance score. It's useless. You should make sure your motherboard has the most recent bios. Also, what brand power supply do you have? How many 12V+ amps does it supply? It may not be able to handle the more power required. Run CPU-Z and see what it says. Run other benchmarks and get the results. We need more info to help you. Also that's two graphs side by side in that screen shot, so it sees both cores.
  8. Hmm...

    I only see 2 graphs. CPU and Memory (stacked top and bottom) . I don't see 2 CPU graphs side by side.

    I did apply the latest mb bios (1805).

    My p/s is a Coolmax 500w (CP-500T EPS12V) 16amps on 12V

    - ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe (socket 939) w/ latest BIOS
    - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.2GHz) Dual-Core; OLD CPU - 3700+ (2.2GHz) San Diego Single-Core 1MB L2 cache
    - 2x 7600GT PCI-E in SLI
    - 2GB Ram
    - Soundblaster Audigy SE PCI
    - 250GB SATA harddrive
    - LG DVD-RW SATA drive
    - P/S Coolmax 500w (CP-500T EPS12V) Dual +12V (16A on 12V)
    - VISTA Ultimate ed. 32bit

    nVidia 162.50 display
    nVidia 15.01 nForce board drivers
    Creative VISTA soundcard drivers
    Samsung LCD monitor driver

    Options "disabled" in BIOS:
    on-board sound (including midi)
    IDE controller 0 & 1
    FD controller
    Parallel port
    Serial ports
    2nd onboard nic (marvell)
    Firewire port
    RAID controller

    In device manager, it does display 2 4200 CPUs under processors.
  9. UPDATE:

    Tried all that was suggested (except for the format/re-install as last option). Still it did not detect the second core.

    I eventually did end up formating and re-installing the Vista OS.

    It worked. The OS correctly identified both cores.

    Anyway, now I'm getting both graphs in Task Manager and my subscore went from 4.1 to 4.9 (non-oc).

    My frame-rates did improve in GRAW by an avg of 8fps. Doesn't sound like much, but before the upgrade, I was getting 24fps with my single-core. I'm getting 32fps now
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