Q6600 B3 Running High Temperatures at Stock

Hi guys,

I have read around alot of the threads on the forum regarding the Q6600 and generally see that it looks like I have some serious temperature issues with my setup.

My system specs are as follows:

Q6600 Revision B3
4GB HyperX DDR2-800 RAM
Asus P5K Deluxe Motherboard Bios Rev. 505 Beta
XFX 8800GTS 640MB
Antec P182 Case (1 Top, 1 Rear Exhaust, 1 Lower, 2 Central (cooling graphics card)
- Tested with original Antec Tricool Fans on High Setting in all fan locations
- Tested also with 5 replacement Noctua NF S12 in all fan locations
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (lapped to a mirror finish) with a Scythe S-Flex SFF21F
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (have Shin Etsu X23 7783D and Liquid Metal Pro on order)
Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

Tested using Core Temp 0.95, Speed fan 4.33 (offset +15c) and Prime95 v25.5 for minimum of 12 to 24 hours at a time over several weeks. There was no overclocking done just ran at stock speed with Speedstep off.

Temperatures are as follows (Ambient room temp 23-25c)

Workbench (no case):

Idle: 36-42c
Load: 56-65c

Case sides removed:

Idle: 38-45c
Load: 56-63c

Case closed

Idle: 44-48c
Load: 62-70c

I have seen alot of people overclocking this processor to 3ghz with lower temperatures than I get with a stock setup so I know there must be something wrong somewhere.

What I have considered and tried to look it to was the mounting of the Mounting Ultra 120 - I have tried a penny, a coin that I drilled a hole out big enough for the screw head, metal washers and also a teflon and rubber washer still with not much difference with the temps above (these were probably the lowest achieve so far).

I have tried differing amount of AS5 from the thin line across the middle as suggested by AS to rubbing it into both surfaces to minute traces to a thick layer. The heatsink itself is lapped to a mirror finish and is flat, although I am sure the Q6600 is not with the razor blade test so I have considered lapping that also but am relectant to void the warranty.

I have a few options left - I still have the stock Intel heatsink, I have another Ultra 120 extreme on order for another machine which I will try unlapped to see if it makes any difference with the concave / convex issues. I have a boxed Zalman CNPS9500 that I could try or I considered a Tuniq 120 Tower - I also have some Shin Etsu X23 7783D and Liquid Metal Pro on order but expect that the issues won't be fixed by a new thermal compound.

Any more ideas or comments would be appreciated as I am running out of things to consider :D


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  1. For quad, apply AS5 horizontally in the center. The notch is the bottom.

    For dual, do it vertically.

    If you did it vertically, you will have to redo it.
  2. I have a B3, and my temps do run cooler ast stock speeds.

    My overclock temps look like your stock temps.

    Anyway, you said you lapped your hsf. My only guess is that, though it's a mirror finish, it's not completely level against the cpu.

    Try another HSF if you can get your hands on one. One that has not been lapped.
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