How to mark c: active xp move boot stuff to it?

C: has windows on it an is marked "boot". A partition G: on that same physical drive is marked "system" and has the three files ntltr; boot.ini; and NTDETECT.COM. This is the only two partitions on that physicl drive. I have sucessfully moved the 3 files to a floppy A: drive and can boot from the a: drive. I also have them on the C: drive as well. I would like to boot from these 3 files on the C: drive so that the D: drive can be cleaned out. And all of windows stuff is on the c: drive where it belongs. I did disk management and can not set the partition C: "Boot" marked drive and the Partitioned G: "System" marked drive to active or anything. It does not show on the drop menu for the C: drive and it is greyed out on the drop down menu G: drive. I cant even change the drive letters of the G: drive. I am stuck and do not know how to get all of windows stuff on the c: drive. Any body know how to make this change?
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