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Hello all!
After reading the article about the new 32-Gig SSD drive from Mtron I was intruiged about alternatives that I could use to get similar performance for less money. I came across this item: [...] 4cfprj.asp

I have found some Type I CF cards that throughput about 20 Mb/Sec, so four of them would get me about 75 Mb/S in RAID 0. This seems like a pretty sweet deal for me, I would probably get 2 Gig CF's to have a total of 8 Gb boot drive. Then I could use my regular HDD for storage.

Two questions arise: First, are there some limitations or incompatibilities to consider with my Ga-p35-ds3l mobo (maybe the PCI bus isn't fast enough, or something else I'm not thinking of)?
Second, I don't know enough about CF cards to know which ones are the "fixed disk" types. Could someone recommend some 2Gb+ reasonable speed Type I CF cards that are fixed disk type?

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  1. Hey, now I can't really answer any questions but I'm trying to do something similar :). I'm assuming you want to use the card found here too: I was going to use the a-data 266x CF cards (40mb/s which means more RAID 0 goodness). I think the PCI bus on motherboards nowadays are pretty much the same so that shouldn't be an issue. I would also like to know what "fixed disk" means. I'm not sure you know this but CF are said to have fairly limited lifespans, we're talking a few months so I'm assuming a CF RAID array prolly wouldn't last that long. Anyhow, good luck, let me know how it goes :D.
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