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C: has windows on it and is marked "boot". A partition G: on that same physical drive is marked "system" and has the three files ntltr; boot.ini; and NTDETECT.COM. This is the only two partitions on that physical drive. I have successfully moved the 3 files to a floppy A: drive and can boot from the a: drive. I also have them on the C: drive where they are not recognized. I would like to boot from these 3 files on the C: drive so that the D: drive can be cleaned out. And all of windows stuff is on the c: drive where it belongs. I did disk management and can not set the partition C: "Boot" marked drive and the Partitioned G: "System" marked drive to active or anything. It does not show on the drop menu for the C: drive and it is grayed out on the drop down menu G: drive. I can’t even change the drive letters of the G: drive. I am stuck and do not know how to get all of windows stuff on the c: drive. Anybody know how to make this change?
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  1. Try this to build a boot.ini on your C drive.

    You also may need the fixboot command.
  2. It failed to sucessfully scan for windows.
  3. You can use the diskpart tool to change the drive letter.
  4. Thanks for the information and it is nice to have the additional knowledge but it just boiled down to...why didn't it work correctly on the first install! What made windows put those three files on another drive away from the OP files? For what? It has become easier to blow it all away and start over than play with this n that n this n that and maybe get somewhere. Thanks again.
  5. I'm guessing windows was installed on the C drive. Then through disk management, the drive letter was changed. It's just a guess though.

    Good luck.
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