7600GT vs. 7900gs vs. 8600gt

Im considering upgrading my graphics card from a 6600gt.

I'm leaning towards the 8600 gt because it can be had for around 115 dollars on newegg and because fo its unified direct architecture.

Im going to use it mainly for playing games like CS:S, DOOM, Company of Heroes, etc. and some photo/video editing.

I know its not the best choices in the world.

and if you wouldn't pick either of those what would you recommend from nvidia for less than 150 dollars US?

PS im only a 17 yr old kid and money is SUPER tight with me....so im looking to get something that will at least get me through next year.
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  1. Well, despite the x1950 PRO being a faster card than any of the three, and being in that price value...I'm gonna say the 7900 GS.

    Here's my reasoning...the 8600 GT doesn't have enough unified shaders to compensate for the dedicated-type shaders of the earlier cards...right now, unified shaders are less efficient than their specialized brethren.

    Also, the 8600 isn't really going to be your card of choice for DX10 games, because...well...it's not that fast.

    The 7900 whomps the 7600, clearly, and thus, should be your upgrade.
  2. well see i have a sli motherboard which is why i opted for a nvidia GPU. are there any new cards coming out christmas time? a new line up of cards or refreshes? i was thinking of waiting for the new AMD chips to come out and maybe switch over to ATI or Build a new Intel Machine.

    I'm Willing to wait the 4 or so months.
  3. i'd go with 7900gs. they are very nice at $120 on newegg.
  4. doesnt the 7900gs only have ddr2 as opposed to the 7600gts ddr3?
  5. Snail said:
    doesnt the 7900gs only have ddr2 as opposed to the 7600gts ddr3?

    NO! :pt1cable:

    The 7900GS has GDDR3.
  6. you can get x1950pros for about $110 after MIR, and if you don;'t like them because they are "shoddy" or "overheat" just warranty it and get another one..
  7. 7900gs and x1950pro are good , check out the charts for their comparison
  8. thanks for the help guys but i guess ill just go all out and buy the 8800gts 320mb.

    my sister is pitching in for half

  9. Lucky dog.
  10. lucky dog indeed. it was my birthday this month and she hasn't gotten me a present so she agreed on paying for half.
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