I hope someone can give some suggestions.

I have successfully built two Intel-based computers in the past.

This is my first go with a AMD-based Computer.

To my knowlege, I am certain I have done everything correctly.

Here is my problem:

On attempting my first POST, with my WinXP Pro disk in the drive,

I get a "BIOS Beep" , One long Beep, followed by two short beeps.

This pattern repeats, and I an unable to complete P.O.S.T.

My ASUS MoBo has a "Phoenix/AWARD" BIOS. I have traced this "Beep Code"

pattern (research on the Net) to be "Video related".

(I will give a hardware run-down at the end)

Just to be sure, I replaced the Video Card with another, with the same result.

I hope someone can give suggestions for a "cure" to this problem. All else seems

fine. I have not been to this forum in quite some time, so if this question has come

up before, PLEASE point me to the thread.

Here is my Hardware:




XFX 7600GS Video Card (Fanless)


WD 74 Gb Raptor HD SATA

Zalman 600W PSU

Blue Orb CPU Fan

(This Rack-Mounted Unit is to be used for Music, hince the Fanless Video Card and Quiet PSU)

I HOPE someone can Help. ASUS has been unresponsive.
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  1. the same thing happened to me it turned out that some of my hardware was came defected . my cpu was burned and because of that my bios burn to so something burned on your system . anyways amd is more efficient than intel but intel is a billion times better.
  2. Did you plug in the 24 pin and the 4 pin power connectors to the MB?

    Also, this guide may help.
  3. That is a big misconception. It is rarely ever the video card, although there is a lot of info floating around that award/phoenix BIOS only beeps for this condition.

    The long beep followed by two short ones is usually a failure to detect the dram. Try booting it with a cheap stick of lower speed dram in the first slot. These boards seem to not have a good ability to recognize these faster memory timings and voltages we are now using and default with the standard settings of 1.85 volts, which cannot run the RAM at the timings in the SPD so it fails POST.

    The ram and Video Card are almost ALWAYS good in this situation.

    get a cheap stick of ddr667 and boot with one stick of that.
    I bought a stick of it off newegg (kingston ddr2 667 512 meg) for 14 bucks, and keep it around for whenever I get the error once in a while.
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