one core of X2 4600 always busy...

Working on my backup pc (A8V moboard, X2 4600) I just added an Nvidia 7800 Gs and another gig of ram (to bring it to 3gb) and I noticed it slowed down considerably. Checked and noticed one core is constantly 80-100% busy, even at idle. Figured this was a sure sign that the core is shot, but I thought I check with you guys to be sure before I order a replacement cpu.
Thanks for any input...
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  1. Have you checked which process is running at 80% in the windows in the processes tab in the task manager window?
    Maybe a driver problem with the 7800 GS?
  2. Did you try to install the AMD dual core optimiser? I think you got alot of pests in your system... It uses lots of cpu resources. *(spyware and viruses)* try reformatting or clean if still tell me.
  3. First thing I did, and that's why I think the second core is fried--it shows system idle at 99%, but cpu usage at 46-49%...when I use the amd power monitor, that's jumping around from high 60's to 100% on the second core...(thanks for the quick response, btw)
  4. you using pirated xp? the wga crap will keep a processor busy while bill gates punches you in the jewels.
  5. yeah, pogsnet, have used the dcoptimizer since day one (had it over a year and a half) pirated xp, jeremy...also, I'm dual booting with Vista, and have the same exact results in vista, which pretty much rules out the os theory...
  6. also ran adaware & spybot and no extra crap extra applets happening in startup either...this thing is baffling me.
  7. WGA attacks legit pcs too. First run Windows update until all critical updates are installed (and recommended if you can). Next, Install microsoft patch KB927891 and lastly, install Windows Update Agent 3.0 . That should fix ur cpu usage cycle problem.
  8. Well, if you can take the CPU out and try it in another computer I think that would tell you whether or not its the CPU. Obviously if it does it in the other board/computer then I would say its the proc. That would suck to toss out a perfectly good CPU and spend money for no reason.
  9. weilin-I'm dual booting XP pro and Vista Ultimate, and both have the latest updates, incl. update agent 3. I'll check on that ms patch--wouldn't that be part of the windows updates? Also, if wga were causing this prob, wouldn't it show up as a process that was using cpu cycles in the task manager?
    Kona, that'd be a great way to test the cpu but I don't have another pc with s939 here. You're right, it would suck to throw out a good cpu...
  10. Well, I finally figured out, er, I mean stumbled upon the answer to my second core being busy--the latest bios update from Asus. I read about someone else having the same problem and when I reverted back to the previous bios, my cpu went back to running normally. Of course, this was after I'd already ordered, received and installed a new cpu...ah well, guess I'll be updating the wife's pc a bit earlier than I'd planned, hehehe. Thanks to all who offered help here.
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