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I recently purchased a Asus P5K Deluxe board, an Intel 6750 Duo chip, 4 1GB DDR2 RAM chips and the other video card, HDD, DVD etc. My problem is that when I attached my 600w PSU, the little green light came up on the board, but when I hit the power button, the fan on the CPU does maybe 2 rotations and stops. Even when I strip everything off (RAM, DVD, Video card, etc), there is nothing. Not even an error beep. What the... I finally got the thing to start up, but when I turned it off to install the rest of the stuff, it when back to zero. I am soooo fed up with this thing. Not sure why I listened to the guy at the store... can anyone help me?
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  1. Sort of some success. Turns out that my board was shorting out on the chassie (sp?) Now I am trying to find something to insullate it besides these lame little discs to put behind the brass fittings.
  2. it should not short unless you have a stand off(those brass things) in the wrong place?

    Check and make sure there's not one where it does not go. Some boards use different holes(when they are not as deep as a full atx size board).
  3. I agree with Nukemaster, unless you have placed a standoff where it does not belong or something along those lines you should have no shorting issues whats so ever. Check your MB's manual I am sure it shows where the standoffs should be placed check those first if those are all correct then i would say you have a defective Motherboard. Also try removing the motherboard BE SURE TO SET IT ON FOAM OR SOME KIND OF NONE CONDUCTIVE SURFACE and then power it and try to start it and see if you have any problems then. I had this happen with a client's computer awhile back it would power sometimes in a a blue moon figured I had a standoff placed wrong, nope took the motherboard out it would fire sometimes and then not others RMA'ed board and he has had it running for the last 5 months lol. Hope this helps...
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