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I`ve an ASUS N6200GE AGP card. Mobo is ASRock 775i65GV with on-board Intel extreme graphics. When I turn on the PC everything is fine - it boots, Windows is doing well, but my N6200GE is not working. The fan on the card is working, the aditional molex connector is pluged in, but the card is not working. Windows Device Manager does not recognise new device as well. Or the card is workin but for some reason OS doesn`t wont to find it, because after some time the card is warming up, like is working, exept the memory modules I think. I must mention that this computer "suffered" an airplane transport, you know how they treat the packages. All the hardware seems to be intact, no visible damage. I`m not receiving any beeping sounds, annoying messages from BIOS or OS. SO any ideas?
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  1. So you boot up and your PC starts with onboard video? And you go into device manager and the card is not listed, or is it listed as not working?

    Make sure you go into BIOS and check your video settings. It might be set to onboard video only or something like that.
  2. The card is not listed, that is the problem. BIOS settings are OK. I seriously doubt for hardware damage due the airplane transport mentioned above. But I don`t know how to ivestigate further.
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