Kill all power to a PCI-e Grahpics Card?

The computer in question has two primary modes:

Mode A: (Working with web development, games, schoolwork)
Mode B: (Downloading/uploading files overnight, moving files on a local network)

Mode A actually requires a video feed to see what you're doing (kind of hard to play games while blind!) while Mode B is just set-it-and-forget-it busywork.

Is it at all possible for someone queue up a bit of tasks and then completely cut the power to the videocard? I'd like it to use as little juice as possible when I'm not actually using the machine.

In an effort to keep the power consumption (and thus heat) low, I'm just wondering if there is any effective way to make your GPU shutdown for the night. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but even when you setup the power saving options in Windows, the card still is powered on, just not displaying a feed to the monitor, correct?

I sleep in the same room as the computer and any additional power/heat/cooling items translates into more noise when trying to catch some Z's. Any thoughts on this?
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  1. Well, I dont know about completely killing power, but what I do when i set an overnight download, is downclock the graphics card using atitool. basically ive found on a number of graphics cards that halving the clocks, then halving again gives a fairly good decrease in consumption and heat levels. Ive not had any issues with downclocking, and when you want to use it again just set the original clocks back
    I have it set on two profiles, high power(normal clocks) and low power(reduced clocks)

    Hope this helps.
  2. lower the clocks as much as possible then turn the fan down untill you cant hear it and the temps are still low.
  3. Thanks for the pointers guys, I'll give it a shot. Hopefully it is easy to setup a profile for low-power usage and then swap back to your gamer profile. :)


    Can ATI TT change fan speeds or does that require another app?

    (Used it before in the past, can't remember now...)
  4. Yeh, ive found it very simple, just go into atitool and hit new up the top left, then set your clocks and hit save.
    Good luck ;)
  5. as far as im aware it can yes.
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