Geforce 7600 gs vs 8800 gts

I have a PNY 7600 GS and i want to buy a BFG 8800GTS, but i'm not sure it is gonna be a big diference in performance, or i don't know it is better to buy another 7600 gs and put it is SLI. I'm running a 22" monitor at full resolution
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  1. DUDE! don't buy another 7600gs, get the 8800gts it will SMOKE the 2 7600gs's out of the water. What are your other system specs, so we can see if your PSU/system can handle the 8800gts?
  2. 7600 GS = 1960's Cessna
    8800 GTS = USS Enterprise

    'Nuff said.
  3. There have been many discussions and even some articles done on just this sort of thing. All conclusions point in the direction of a single, more powerful card.
  4. Quick Scotty!Lock onto that Cessna and beam him out of there!
  5. Hmm how about a 7300 GT OCed!
  6. I just figured we all needed a break from car analogies.
  7. bfellow said:
    Hmm how about a 7300 GT OCed!

    Sounds like a Chevy Sprint with a turbocharger! Don't laugh, they had one. Ooops, car analogies :( Okay maybe a 15' skiff with a 9hp envirude on the back with a para sail attached to increase the speed?
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