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Hello everybody...

I apologise in advance for a long post...

I'm having a problem with attaching power to my new motherboard:

I am using a SIlverstone ST85F (850 Watt, Modular) to power my machine. The cable that looks most appropriate to use to power my MB has a 2x12 connector at one end (which I assume goes into the PSU), but branches off into a 2x10 and a 2x2 connector at the other end. Do I join the two connectors together to form a 2x12 and plug it into my MB?

The next issue I have, is that between the IO panel and the CPU is another power connector which is 2x4, but the "lower" two sets of pins (further away from the closest edge) are blanked off... If I am intending on running a quad core processor (Q6600, NOT Extreme edition), could somebody please give me idiot proof instructions on what I need to plug in and where regarding the 2x12 (24 pin) connector and the 2x4 (partially blanked off) connector.

I have had read through my motherboard manual, but only succeded in confusing myself... The two relevant notes from my motherboard manual are:

1) Use of a power supply providing a 2x4 12v power connector is recommended by the CPU manufacturer when using an Intel Extreme Edition CPU (130W) **(which I'm not)

2) The power connectors are compatible with power supplies with 2x2 12V and a 2x10 power connectors When using a power supply providing a 2v4 12v and a 2x12 power connector, remove the plastic covers from the 12V power connector and the main connector on the motherboard. Do not insert the power supply cables into pins under the protective covers when using a 2x2 12v and a 2x10 power connector. **The main 2x12 connector on the board did *not* have any protective cover installed when I took it out of the box. Only the 2x4 had 4 pins (2x2 rows) blanked.

Sould I be using any of the following or something else?

24 pin ATX + 8 pin 12V connector
20 pin ATX + 4 pin 12V connector
24 pin ATX + 4 pin 12V connector

Would be very grateful if someone could clear things up for me :)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi, Olly
    Yes you should connect the 2x10pin and the 2x2pin connections together to your motherboard.
    And if your motherboard and PSU supports the 2x4 connector you should use it too. But be sure about that it is NOT a graphics card additional power connector (as someone in another thread exploded his PSU by connecting it wrong).
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