Question about standard power supply.

I just to ask is it my standard power supply(500 Watt) is enough and safe for long hours since I just bought Winfast A7600 GS 256 MB DDR2 AGP 8X which requires extra molex connector.the minimum for power supply which is required for A7600 GS is 300 Watt.Also, my casing have 5 LED fan including mainboard chipset cooler, Vantec Aero Flow cpu cooling fan, and CoolerMaster Musketeer 1.

Here are my PC spec.

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz (Socket 478) Prescott Core
Asrock P4i65G mainboard
1 GB DDR400
Winfast A7600 GS 256 MB DDR2 AGP 8X
Maxtor 160 GB IDE hard disk
Sound Blaster Audigy Value sound card
Lite-On 18X DVD-RW

Also, I want to buy a new power supply which is CoolerMaster Extreme Power 430 Watt or PowerLogic Atrix 500 Watt if my standard power supply is not enough.I would appreciate any suggestion. :)
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  1. You should be fine with the 500w
  2. id recomend this
    ... my friend had it for some time... works like a carm.
  3. Your psu seems fine. If you are looking for a great psu for a great price. FSP makes great ones. Here is an awesome one
    But like people say if it aint broke don't fix it.
  4. I think the 7600gs doesn't consume more than 30w or so. You shouldnt worry about that. The quality of the psu is always in question (generaly speaking).
  5. You dont need a 700w PSU like Cpt_wuggle suggested. That's OVERKILL.
    I would also recommend a FSP PSU they are really good. In your case you could go for the 350W or 400W unit but if you are gonna upgrade one day you could always reuse the PSU.
    In my opinion you dont need anything better than a 350W FSP PSU.
    These FSP have the best RMA statistics if you wonder about the quality.
  6. Thanks guy.So, it is fine with my standard power supply.But the FSP in my place seems quiet rare.I'll try to find one since you guys recommend it and if the price don't too expensive for me.I don't want to spend above RM300(maybe about $150).
  7. We were just trying to say it's always good to have a quality PSU. Sometimes it's hard to say what is a quality PSU. Remember that even a quality PSU can be faulty.

    We are recommending the FSP (fortron) cos they are cheap compared to others and are really good quality.

    I dont see your comp consuming more than 150W at worst but I think the number would be closer to a 100-120W.

    Meaning you dont need more than 15A on the 12V rail on the PSU.
    15A*12V = 180W.
    I have a comp like that powered by a 200W PSU with 13A on the 12V rail. :lol:

    These FSP (350W, 400W) have something like 2x18A on the 12V. Thats 36A and counting in that it probably can deliver 80% of that continuosly... that's 36*0.8 = 28.8A more than you will ever need. I hope you get the picture.
  8. Newegg had a sparkle open box 350w which would have worked fine for you. Sparkle and fsp are almost identical in every way.
  9. Thanks.I'll buy the FSP when I get more budget.Thanks NaDa for get the picture about good quality PSU.The good quality PSU is important too. :)
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