PC turning off randomly? Trojan Virus the cause?

I put together a new system about 9 months and had no problems until now! i recently installed a program which uses p2p called ppmate and my AVG detected a trojan horse in the setup exe file called Trojan Horse Generic5.KFJ which was placed in the virus vault as it couldn't be healed. I eventually deleted it,turned my system restore off used spybotto furthur check my disk for viruses and since then AVG or spybot hasn't found it again or any others. Anyway a few nights ago when using this ppmate software my pc randomly turned itself off. It has been doing it about after about 25 mins of use each time. Could it be the trojan or perhaps my power supply? i've checked all my temps there all within there correct ranges, im gonna run memtest86 tommorow to check memory? my spec is briefly shown below, any help would be greatly appreciated.

AMD Dual Core 4200 Processor
500W Colors Power Supply
Geforce 7600GT
1GB DDR2 533MHZ Ram (not branded)
160GB Sata2 Hard Disk
NEC Dvd Burner
Windows XP Pro
ASUS M2N-E Motherboard.
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  1. Go to www.trendmicro.com and run Housecall, that should pick up any virus' on your system. If you feel that a virus is a possibility, I'd start there.

    You could also check your mobo for faulty caps. Check to see if any of the capacitors are leaking or doming. Its only been 9 months, but when you get a board with this issue it doesn't take long. I had an old computer that had this exact problem about 6 months after I built it. I checked the mobo and about 10 of the caps were domed.
  2. Hi folks,
    I recectly had a similar switch-off fault on my HP-Compaq. The PC switched off at various times, and was never on long enough to carry out fault-findiing. Anyway, the short of it was that one of the plastic detents that are used to clamp the processor's heat sink cum fan to the processor, was broken off, and the processor was overheating.

    This, in retrospect, should have been more obvious to me since the amount of time before switch off was greatest first thing in the morning when the whole thing had more time to cool down. After first shut down, the available time before the next shut down became negligible.

    I have not yet found a part number for the clamping part that goes onto the mother board but because both the fan unit and the clamp part have holes in all four corners I have been able to use tie- wraps to fasten the heat sink temporarily, and it does the job.

    There is also a free utility called ''Core Temp'', (http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/CoreTemp64.zip for the 64-bit version), that gives the temperature of both cores on the taskbar, that I now use in the hope that it will help in the future. There is also a good article at http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000689.htm on the entire subject of ''unwanted switch-off ''.

    Regards HonestRon, London, UK, 23 Dec 11
  3. I would just forget all the old backups and reinstall windows from scratch if it were me.

    You can back up all the data and run anti virus checks on it once you reinstall windows.
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