raid 0 asus p5b deluxe setup help

i have 2x 250 gig WD in raid 0, which i setup using bios
at startup, i hit ctrl+i to get into the raid setup and was able to successfully get it going.
initially, i installed vista on it and it worked. i didn't even need 3rd party raid drivers.
but later i decided i wanted to use xp
and now i am trying to install that but with no success. i tried diff raid drivers for my mobo
which i downloaded from the asus website.

my mobo has the following raid controllers.

SATA RAID 0/1/5/10 Matrix RAID
Additional RAID Controller JMicron JMB363

everytime the setup tries to install the OS, it runs into the same problem:
the setup can't recognise my raid 0 cuz it keeps saying '"no mass storage was found"

any insight into this problem will b greatly appreciated. :bounce:

edit: the 2 hard drives are connected via sata port and not ide.
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    i also tried putting the followin drivers onto a floppy but keep getting that error above.

    Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver Diskette v6.0.0.1022 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64bit XP/2003(WHQL)

    edit: i tried about 5 diff floppy drives but each yielded the same result.
    need help
  2. got it to work. yay.
  3. Hi kamran5461,
    I'm just about to start a Vista project with raid 0 on my asus p5b deluxe, do you have any tips for me? It sounds like you have done exactly what I'm about to do.
  4. kamran5461 said:
    got it to work. yay.

    Hi kamran5461,
    I've the same problem I've 4 hard drive in raid 0 . Windows said Disk unspupported I don't know why .This is a new installation.With old installation the sistem was ok I don't know what's changed.
    I've last bios and last drivers.
    May you help me?
    Tnx in advance
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