Something that does what Deep freeze claims to do???

Hi guys

There are alot of backup utilities out there,so I decided to ask you pros instead of downloading some useless software.

I need a backup utility that really back ups anything,even odd file formats and most importantly SHORTCUTS,and on the same spot they were(dont ask why)
I know thats not a backup program,but currently I use deep freeze,and its terrible because my pc is nvidia and so it causes horrible malfunctions!!Sooo,I want something that does what deep freeze claims to do,but without malfunctions.
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  1. It's not exactly the same, but acronis true image can do backups and it has a try & decide mode.

    Rollback may also work for you.
  2. Your PC is ...NVidia?

    As informative as that is, a few more details about your PC in it's entirety might help to narrow down your issue.
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