Everything opened with notepad, then frostwire, and then I did something stupid

Hi... So, I'm a dumbass. I accidentally went into an iso file and opened with notepad. Then I accidentally switched it so that all programs opened with frostwire. So I thought that it would help to uninstall frostwire, but it didn't. I don't know what to do. Is there anyone who can help me fix this issue?

I have tried opening the regedit.exe, and it won't allow me to
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  1. MS in their great wisdom decided to get rid of being able to deassociate files -- you can change them to another program but it will not allow you to delete the association --- so you'll need a third party application to do that :

    Here is a small file that works to do what you want

    NOTE : They hide the actual download in the Attachments toward the bottom of the screen -- DO NOT PRESS THE BIG DOWNLOAD NOW PROMPT -that is for another program (hate sites that do this but not sure where else has this program so linked it there) --- to download press the unassoc_1-4.zip line under attachments !!
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