X-Fi Fatal1ty Cards Comparison

I currently have a z-5300e Logitech 5.1 system...I was looking for a good sound card to go with it for movies/gaming(FPSes)/Music...

X-Fi ExtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro

Hows this compared to

X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion

is it basically the same card except for the bezel/remote?
Because, I don't frankly care about those...

I can get the first card for 89$ at Circuit City with a Pricematch, and the Champion at Zipzoomfly promo for 110$...
20$ difference...


Which one is better choice for my situation?
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  1. The Champion has X-Fi I/O Drive with midi, optical in and out, spdif in and out, mic in, aux in 2, mic in 2 / line in2 and the remote.
  2. Just get the Xtremem Gamer not the fatality for 80 bucks you don't need the extra ram well unless you play battlefield 2142 a lot even then I'd save those 50 bucks on more ram maybe.
  3. Correct, Pro doesnt come with IO or Remote

    They must have re-released these, i have a X-Fi fatal1ty and it came with IO and remote no mention of Pro or Champion anywhere on box
  4. I agree, the only significant difference is the bezel (x-ram is unused in a vast majority of games as I understand). However..... getting the bezel for $20 more is pretty nice. That thing costs about $70 bucks to buy as an upgrade, so I consider paying $20 more pretty cool. The main reason I wanted a bezel was so I could plug headphones into the front and have it kill the sound coming out the back (since x-fi does not have an on-card plug for front sound). But if you'll never need that, and have absolutely no use for the Bezel, then yeah, I'd say go cheaper.
  5. I have the same speakers, Tell em how they sound with the sound card, im considering buying an xfi gamer.
  6. They are worth the buy with good speakers. I have mine hooked up to my entertainment system goes awesome through the digital out
  7. To Mati87, THe extremegamer on newegg would be more expensive (1$ more) than the X-Fi Fatal1ty, as I'm pricematching Bestbuy with Circuit City, for a total of 89$....compared to regular for 90$, and Champion for $110.

    The Z-5300e are only analog....

    But it's the same sound card/chipset/specs for both of them, right?
  8. Last question - do they use same card?
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