Trying to hyperlink inside a document

I created a Word doc years ago with numerous hyperlinks connecting to others pages in that doc.

I had it on my website but when you click on that doc it asks to "Open" or "Save". That's not a problem for those who have Word but not convenient for those that don't.

I'm looking for another file format that I could use instead of Word. "htm" doesn't load doc only loads code. PDF's look great but won't hyperlink.

Any ideas?

Also, in FrontPage "Design" will no longer brings up links when I click on them, although it was working earlier today. It does work in "Preview" with Control + left click.

It does work on Internet links but will not open files that are in my local website folder.
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  1. Got the page format figured out. I will work w/ htm and hyperlink inside and outside of doc.
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