Is either power supply enough for this setup?


can someone advise me if either of the 2 following power supplies:

1) Hiper 470W SF-470TS 28A,47A,18A
2) Channel Well Technology 450W CWT-450BDP 28A,40A,20A

will be enough to power the following setup

Core2Duo E6750
P35 Gigabyte DS3P
2GB Ram 800mhz
8600 graphics
1 raptor HD, 1 500GB HD

I have the 2 mentioned power supplies and want to buy the setup described,
also if either would handle the setup would they also handle a medium overclock.

many thanks in advance
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  1. Both should handle that without a problem.

    Not great PSUs, however.

    The Corsair 450w may be a better choice w/o looking at the prices of the PSUs you listed.
  2. thanks for the response, I appreciate they are not the best its just there power supplies I currently own and wondered if they would do the job.
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