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Hello, I am slightly new to the whole PC HMDI hook up thing. First, I hooked the computer & my screen wasn't displaying. So I plugged in the HDMI hook up & went to the Graphic options on my computer & changed it to Digital TV. Now my computer is displaying a black screen every time I hook it up to my TV & so is the TV. I know that it is receiving some type of signal because every time I plug the HDMI hook up to my computer the TV flickers and so does my computer. Any help would be awesome!!!!!

Computer: Gateway (laptop)
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  1. Did you use the proper keyboard combination to activate the external display?
  2. Hi it could be that your not on the right channel i know this sounds silly but its very common so make sure you are as most tvs have 2 HDMI connections.

    Check your cable and your connections and you say your using a HDMI? is it a HDMI to HDMI lead as i know very few laptops witch have a HDMI output.

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