P35C-DS3R Ultra-Mega-Super-Freakiness

I'm not quite sure where to park this thread, but since it involves my new P35C-DS3R (v1.1 w/F4 BIOS) I figure this is a good place to start.

Anyway, here's my configuration:

P35C-DS3R (v1.1/F4)
Q6600 G0
TR U120x w/ SFF12F
8GB (4x2) PDPX 6400
2x 7K1000 (ICH RAID0)
Corsair 620HX PSU
Silverstone TJ06

Here's the Ultra-Mega-Superfreakiness; I'm all stock except for CPU, which is at 8x400 for 3.2GHz. Stable as a rock, straight 5.9's in WEI, 12+ hours in P95 "Torture Test", nice cool temps (45-50C max during test, 30-35C idle), haven't needed to touch any voltage whatsoever, as RAM is at default (400) speed since I'm using a 2.0 div in MIT.

The system POSTs at 8x400=3.2GHz without issue. When booting into Vista Ultimate x64 the "Welcome Center" details displays the correct processor, but reports that it is running at 3.6GHz, and not 3.2GHz. CoreTemp (latest) also reports 3.6GHz, as does PC Pit Stop's benchmark series. Weird, but...OK, I can live with it.

Now, along comes CPU-Z (latest). CPU-Z reports, while the other applications are running (all displaying 3.6GHz), the correct processor, but says it is running at the stock 2.4GHz, but every 30 seconds or so it will jump to 3.2GHz and then fall back to 2.4GHz after a couple of seconds.

Rebooting and verifying at POST as well as in BIOS shows 8x400=3.2GHz.

What in the world is going on?!?! POST/BIOS says one thing (3.2), Vista, Speedfan, CoreTemp, and PCPS say another (3.6), and CPU-Z says yet another (2.4).

How can this possibly be?

The Horta.
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  1. Disable C1E, TM2 & EIST in BIOS. EIST may be hidden. When they're enabled, the cpu will throttle down when idle.

  2. Believe it or not, the new F4 BIOS does not seem to have any of those functions on that screen any longer.

    Can someone verify this? I've been all through the BIOS.
  3. You may have to press CTRL F1 in bios main menu.
  4. I've got the P35-DS3L, <CTRL>-F1 at the BIOS main screen unlocks the memory timings.

    Very nice board, very nice.
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