100 degrees 8800 gts

help help
i just got an ASUS stricker extreme (my p5n32-3 sli died)
and before both my 8800gts's were operating at around 60-65 degrees C

now gpu 1 is at 103! and gpu 2 is at 64!
what gives!
I have a full tower antec with 5 fans plus the cpu fans gpu fans and 2 fans on my PSU...

what is going on!?
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  1. for one thing if you have a second TURN OFF your first one computer and kleave it closed until this is resolved. shouln't be the new mobo problem. Could be a wrong reading on software better touched the card just to make sure... i suggest doing it carefully dont wanna get burned. if it's not bad reading try taking off the sli and run one bad card see if problem is still there. then try it with one good card and see the if theres anything wrong. Check if your PSU can handle two 88080 gts. (I feel like i'm doing differential diagnoises...)
  2. the PSU is great
    I fixed the problem
    I exchanged the cards' position in the case and they dropped temps top 58 and 62 respectively....whew.

    what a day!
  3. congrats m8
  4. Could the fan not be working on the 103 card... thats not kill it hot but if thats idle then it will die(well not die....shut down or clock down) under load

    Check that fan....thats the only thing i can see giving that...unless the heat sink has come loose...take a close look at it..
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