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Replacement for my EN7900GT Top

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 28, 2007 1:36:57 AM

I could use some help here. I have an Asus EN7900 GT Top which is dying on me. I built this rig about a year ago so i still should be able to get waranty, however i lost the receipt for it (just my luck, i still have the receipt for EVERY other part, except the one which i now need =\ )

Now i wasn't planning on upgrading untill next year when DX10 cards and games are at the next stage (in other words there actually being a use for having em =) ) so i'm trying to save some money right now and go with a card thats the same or just slightly better but preferably from ATi this time as i'm not too happy with Nvidia and all the driver issues i've had in the past.

So long story short: I was thinking of getting an X1950XT (probably from Sapphire) but since i can't find either the 7900 GT or the x1950XT on the VGA charts i'm not sure i'm getting the same or better performance.

So thanks in advance for any opinions you want to share. It doesn't HAVE to be an ATi card thats just the one i came across for a good price (i think) @ 160 Dollars. I want to spend between 150 and 200.

P.S. I have no experience with Sapphire, so please let me know if it's any good or not.
August 28, 2007 1:49:59 AM

Hmmz, cant seem to edit =(

Found out by now that there actually IS both an X1950XT and 7900GT in the VGA charts, my bad!

Still would value opinions!