A 3dmark06 score before and after upgrade to new pc.

This may help someone out there to see what difference a good upgrade can make.
OK the old system was a ..........
p4p800 3ghz intel
2 x 74 gig raptors in raid 0
6800gt 256meg
1 gig ram
21" crt monitor
400w ps
win xp
3dmark06 score 2200 :fou:

New system............
AMD 64x2 dual 6000+
8800gtx768 meg
2 x 74 gig raptors not in raid and seperated for 2 start up drives + 400meg storage drive
2 gigs ram 667hz
24" dell lcd
650w ps
win xp
3d marks06 score 10200 (no over-clocking) :bounce:

Not sure if thats a good score but i can now play any game @ 1920 x 1200 with everything to the max and no lag.
and thats all i ask.
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  1. That's good I went from 1900 something to 9611, when i dumped my xp 2800+

    ...one thing, you might wanna change your sig cause Barcelona will NEVER be fast...comon Deneb ( hoping).
  2. Awesome. Upgrade that cpu and you'll notice another couple of thousand difference.

    As long as you can play the games you want how you want, the synthetic results mean nothing.
  3. I got 13K with a 8800GTS 512 (No overclock) so you can get there score up quite alot.
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