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I currently have a 7900gtx and was looking to upgrade to a 8800 gtx. I had a specific question between the two. I really don't know much about the specifics of the hardware but I was wondering why the 7900gtx has a "core clock" speed of 650MHz whereas the 8800gtx only has a "core clock" of 575MHz. Just curious on why the better card has a slower speed in that category. Sorry if my question has been asked before i tried searching for the specific answer on this question but came up with no luck. THanks!
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  1. The 8800GTX has 24 ROPs, and 64 TMUs both of which operate at 575MHz with 128 shader cores which operate at 1.35GHz and sports a 384-bit memory bus with 1.8GHz DDR3. The 7900GTX has 16 ROPs, 24 TMUs, 24 pixel shaders, and 8 vertex shaders, all which operate at 650MHz. The 7900GTX has a 256-bit memory bus with 1.6GHz DDR3. Now it's difficult to really compare these cards in specs, but the 8800GTX is over 2x as fast as the 7900GTX despite any clockspeed differences while also supporting Direct X10, HDR+AA and higher quality anisotropic filtering.
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. basically new = good and usually expensive = good (except the 8600's)
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