Anyone WIth an Asus Motherboard? Help!

I have an Asus p5ql Pro motherboard and it refuses to use a D-link ( dlink ) dwl-g520 wireless network card. As soon as the drivers are installed and my card is installed to any PCI slot, the computer instantly freezes. Yet if I take the card out, Windows XP (32 bit) works perfectly.

What wireless network cards work on your Asus motherboard? If I could find someone with the same motherboard as me, or a newer model Asus it could really help! I have to buy a new wireless network card but I don't want to have another wireless network card do this. :cry:

I'm thinking about buying this card:

It's Linux compatible which is a plus, but on the comment section on newegg someone with an Asus p5q deluxe seems to have the same problem that I'm having with the Dlink. He says:
Cons: Built a quad core system, with 8gb ram, Asus P5q deluxe, Vista64. The system kept randomly freezing. Couldn't figure it out. Happened less frequently on XP64. Finally, went back to Vista and removed this wireless card. No more freezes. Rock solid.
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  1. Before buying a new card try this:

    Treat the problem as a PCI issue.

    Try changing slots.

    In the mboard BIOS switch off devices not in use -- Game Port, COM ports, Parallel Printer Port (if using USB printer). Let Windows restart and sort out IRQs etc and then try installing the PCI device afresh.
  2. i think that there should be something wrong with X58 and this wifi card.
    Xp and Vista hangs as soon as I see the desktop with a DFI DK X58 and a I7 920

    I've also tried to change the pci slot unsuccesfully
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