P6n Diamond Audio issues

I've looked and was not able to find any help for my issue, I'm trying to see if anyone else has the problem and if so, how did they solve it.

My issue is when playing a game, any HL2mod, BF2, Tabula Rasa Beta, the game will play fine and every 5-15 seconds the game will stutter and frame rate will drop to about 2 frames and the audio will also slow down and become garbage. I have all the latest drivers, except I can't install ANY sound drivers besides the ones off the CD for the X-FI xtreme audio onboard sound. When trying to install from MSI website an error returns to the sort of "can not find x86 mainboard" and when trying to install from creative.com the error "the device is not found". The only option in the bios I find for audio is the HD audio field and it is enabled.

I formated the machine today to start fresh. Install all new drivers except for the sound. I install BF2, play it for 15 minutes with no sound, and windows does not see any sound device in manager. The issue is gone, no more stuttering. I install the sound drivers from the CD, as again this is the only place that will allow it, and start to experience the issue again in game. This issue is ONLY in game as .mp3s will play fine as well as a movie file.

Anyone have any ideas? Something to try? I've installed a PCI sound blaster audigy 2 ZS card in the machine last night before the format to try to fix it, and the issue was still there. I uninstalled all previous drivers before doing so. Although I did leave the bios sound enabled, after speaking with someone today they said to try again with the bios sound disabled.

I'm stuck.
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  1. I don't know what to tell you. I have the same board and have had no issues with the sound. I used the supplied creative x-fi sound disk, installed the drivers, and away I went.

    Sorry to hear. Wish I could be more help.
  2. I'm having the same issue and have written a message on the MSI board (Very hard to find) and I'm waiting on a post with a solution. Here is the link for it:

    OR if you found a solution could you please post it for me and other here. Thanks
  3. I seem to have found my problem, a friend tried to "fix" the issue and didn't put the heat sink on correctly. 3 of the 4 screws were in but the 4th wasn't solid and the heatsink didn't have a complete flat surface against the CPU. Double checked the heatsink after I put it back on and the problem has been gone since then.
  4. I am still having very similar issues, where the XP SP2 does not detect my sound device. When I try to run the installation drivers I get an error message - no compatible hardware found. BIOS sound HD is enabled. Any suggestions?

    Last night I reinstalled my OS, and the very first thing I did, before updating MS software, was to install the original sound drivers. That seemed to do the trick and the X-FI is now properly set up.
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