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Badass trojan/virus/whatever it is

Alright my cousins computer has some kind of something on it. Everything in the start menu is gone, no program folders at all, desktop clear, can't start task manager,administrative tools is blank(tried to a system restore). I was only able to explore the computer from AVG finding what ever is causing the problem and clicking "open file containing folder". I ran AVG and it got rid of about 12 threats, but I am not lost on what to do now. AVG keeps finding a threat named "Luhe.Fiha.A" I move it to the vault but it just pops again.

It was originally trying to get him to buy software license and giving him fake errors, ran CCleaner and AVG and a lot of it is gone, but one still remains, the one keeping everything hidden, I went to the folder options and checked show hidden folders but it didn't do anything.

Currently scanning again and still finding trojans.
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  1. Yeah, I've read that and they make it out to seem that AVG is just making a big deal out of nothing. Did you read the OP? There is no files in the start menu, no programs, no run box, no my computer, no control panel, no icons on desktop, everything is completely hidden, and I keep getting pop ups saying there are ram and hard drive errors.
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