Problems loading 3d mark with new card!


So i got a Sapphire HD2900XT
With this lovely new purchase i received a copy of 3dMark 06
Which i installed and prepared to run on my new system

basically the Splash screen comes up and then it hangs.
task manager shows that its not responding.
ive reinstalled it.
ive tried my friends copy of 3d mark
ive reinstalled xp pro
ive reinstalled the gfx drivers
ive updated the gfx drivers
ive patched 3d mark (the copy i have is 1.1.0 )

there seems to be no problem with the card as i play games beautifully now
(upgraded from a 6800)

the card seems to running fine wtf

My system specs are as follows.

GIGABYTE "S Series" P35+ICH9R Chipset Socket LGA 775 @ FSB 1333
2 gig DDR2 800
SATA Drives
Sapphire HD2900XT

i know i should just try another benchmarking tool but thats not the principle of the matter

please help
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  1. 3dmark06 takes some time to check your hardware. it will take like 2-3mins. run the program and wait.if it hangs, let it hang and there is a chance that after 2-3mins, things will be normal. hope i helped.
  2. i tried to just let it run for an hour
    i went out and came back

    the program was still not responding

    i also checked my power supply
    and its a newish 550
    that i bought earlier this year

    according to post and information gathered this is sufficient for a single card setup
  3. If it runs fine in games its not the power supply. Have you tried running 3dmark 05 to see if that starts up.
  4. no not yet
    but im still scratching my head to why 3dmark 06 will not run
    and i have tried different versions and installs of it
    has anyone else had this problem
  5. so i formatted recently
    and it runs perfectly now
    running 3dmark no problems

    still cant load ati tools yes the altest beta version
    but isuspect thats a card power problem currently running it with 2 six pin connectors instead of 1 6 and 1 8 pin connector
  6. I had the same problem but found his to work (found this on 3dmark website):
    "It is a Microsoft WHQL signature check, and has nothing to do with 3DMark03. You can disable it by running the dxdiag, and uncheck the "Check for WHQL digital signatures" checkbox. "
    "Q: I just bought the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT and 3DMark06 freezes during the splash-screen. What is wrong and how can I fix this?

    A: This is a known issue and we have been able to reproduce it in our test lab. The problem lays in an DLL which we use to detect the graphics cards' core and memory speeds. We are working on an update to correct this issue after which all Futuremark benchmarks should run fine with the latest offerings from all IHV's. Until then you can work around this issue either by renaming the "Direcpll.dll" file (found in %WINDIR%\system32\Futuremark\MSC\) to something else, or you can run the benchmark using the -nosysteminfo command line. Please note that if you use the -nosysteminfo command line, you will not be able to publish the result online. Futuremark will inform all its users when the update is available! "
  7. thanks for the reply
  8. Yes I just recently had to trouble shoot this myself on my MRHD2600, and I experienced the same issue on 3Dmk03/05/06 and PcMark05.

    Anywhoo, haven't tested the solution yet, but I did get the same suggestion.
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